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RIM’s New CEO Say’s Hello, Shares Incredibly Broad Plans for Future (Video)



Over the weekend RIM, the maker’s of BlackBerry devices announced that the company was abandoning the two CEO structure that had helped lead the company to success and more recently to failures in the tablet space and in competing with iPhone and Android.

Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie have stepped down, handing the reins of the battered company to Thorsten Heins, a four year veteran of RIM. RIM’s stock (RIMM) is down 4 percent this morning after the market opened.

This morning RIM released an introduction video from Thorsten Heins to YouTube, in which he is “absolutely excited” to be named as the President and CEO of RIM. You can watch the video below, but don’t get too excited to learn anything about what Heins plans to do with RIM.

I didn’t expect Heins to reveal his whole hand, but if he really wants to rally investors and get consumers excited about BlackBerry, he’ll need to do more than bland and broad statements that sound lifted from a How to be a CEO for Dummies book.

Gems such as,

  • “If we continue doing well what we are doing, I see no problems of us being in the top three players worldwide in the next years in wireless.”
  • “We always think forward.”
  • “Sometimes we innovate too much.”
  • The list goes on.

Thorsten Heins has more than a YouTube video to lead the company, but given the decline in RIM over the last few years, he needs to deliver real change. Heins says that he wants to innovate in the corporate “fortress,” but seconds later thinks he can win the consumer market with marketing.

Hold it Heins. You don’t need to throw marketing money at consumers until you innovate and deliver a BlackBerry device that consumers actually want. Perhaps the next BlackBerry 10 device will meet these needs, but I’m skeptical of anyone’s ability to make changes this late in the game.

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