RIM’s new tablet revealed: BlackBerry Playbook

More info to come, including hands-on stuff from Xavier who is on location at RIM’s DevCon. Until then, your first taste of RIM’s new tablet, the BlackBerry Playbook, is in this video.


Okay, it’s kind of heavy on the flashiness, but like a good movie trailer, it gives little snippets of action to draw you in. The focus clearly is on the software and functionality, which is as it should be. You can see a little bit of interaction between the Playbook and a BlackBerry. The media access screens looked slick, as did the camera interface. Despite the cool factor, they close by pointing out it’s a “professional” and “enterprise ready” device.

Couple of things they emphasized were the Adobe Flash support and multi-tasking, both obvious jabs at the iPad. The multi-tasking interface does look great, but it also looked great when I saw it on WebOS. Interesting was the mention of “multiprocessing” which implies a multi-core processor. Raises more questions than answers in my mind, and that’s what a teaser trailer is supposed to do. Only things I’m sure of are that I’m glad they didn’t go with “BlackPad” and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in the Playbook.

Update: Here’s more video from the conference:

Hands on From Sascha of NetbookNews.