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Ring, ring go the wedding bells!



Well, if you do not like off topic news then just scroll down, but this kinda news needs to be shared, since the person it is about is such a great part of our Tablet PC / UMPC community.

Kevin Tofel (James Kendricks alter ego) is getting married!  Our congrats to the happy couple, please be sure and let us know the exact date so we can send Splotch to attend.  He will liven up the party, that is for sure!  Read the post here on JKOnTheRun, and here are Kevins thoughts on his lovely new bride:

….. If it wasn’t the very first, I’m sure it was among the first! Pardon the off-topic post, but I wanted to share some personal news that my Twitter friends already saw. I’m getting married! Actually, this news isn’t really that off-topic: if it wasn’t for Barb’s never-ending support, I wouldn’t be blogging or podcasting. She knows that my ultimate goal is to leave the full-time corporate world behind in favor of working on mobile tech writing, videos and podcasts. She’s rarely complained about my daily grind of working a full-time job and blogging part-time (OK, full time on some days!). In fact, she used to participate in a podcast with me that actually got us featured on the 11pm news here in Philly (16 MB WMV file) almost two years ago.

I’m very lucky since she’s an amazingly beautiful and intelligent person in her own right; what more could one ask for in a life partner? …… 

From the GBM Team, We wish you very many mobile and productive years Kevin and Barb!

Full post here!

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