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Ringtones May Be the Next Big Car Option



Car Horn Ringtones

Your Horn May Soon Have Ringtones

If you loathe hearing Lady Gaga ringtones at the movie theater you may want to enjoy your morning commute while you can. While telling us about all the thought that goes into how you car’s horn sounds Ford told us that customized “ringtone” style horns may be here sooner than you think.

That’s right, your next car might have the option to trade in the boring beep, which actually has a lot of thought put into it, for your favorite melody, song or sound.

The technology is already here to allow you to customize your horn with typical horn noises, but Ford’s horn experts tell us that we might hear horns in the near future that can be customized with a downloadable melody or song.

The technology already makes this possible, and from the sound of it Ford knows there is a demand for customization, the company just needs to figure out how to make horn ringtones commercially viable.

This is made possible here in the U.S. thanks to a lack fo horn regulations, other than no horn zones in some cities. While other countries have established horn frequencies and loudness levels, the U.S. has left this unregulated.

Would you pay for a custom horn “ringtone” on your next car?

Photo via uzvards Flickr

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