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RiteScript Introduces ritePen 3.0



rP-screenshot-1 This is worth checking out. I’ve been participating in the closed beta and really enjoy what the good folks at RiteScript (a division of EverNote) have done in creating ritePen 3.0. If you’re an Inker on a Tablet PC you owe it to yourself to try ritePen 3.0 out. I’ll be doing a full review of this in a few days and perhaps an InkShow but for now, here are the two big keys for me.

Write Anywhere. Those who remember the Write Anywhere function in the first Tablet PC OS will love this. Those who have never used it will love it. Write Anywhere on your screen and have that Ink recognized and input where you want it.

Handwritten shortcuts. Have a favorite command you use all the time? Always navigating to the same web sites? Create a handwritten shortcut and Ink away.

Here are more of the new feature highlights in 3.0

  • Handwritten shortcuts: Users can assign abbreviated names to favorite websites, application and document launch, and output of long standard texts. Simply writing and circling the abbreviation opens the document or website, or enters a signature, prescription or other common text into a document.
  • Fully Editable User Dictionary: Now users can simply type in or paste new words into fully editable custom user dictionary. The software will automatically check for the presence of added words in the main ritePen dictionary and avoid duplications.
  • Import of New Dictionary Entries from Documents: Industry specific and user defined words such as medical terms or personal abbreviations can now be imported into ritePen’s custom user dictionary directly from generic text files such as clinical reports, saved emails, educational materials, web pages and other sources.
  • Enhanced Text Input: Text entry into ““modal” dialog windows is enabled, including ritePen’s own settings.
  • Enhanced Intelligent Navigation: ritePen recognizes more application elements intended for navigation and manipulation, allowing continued seamless pen workflow when users are navigating an application versus writing text.
  • Italian Handwriting Recognition: Support for Italian language has been added; ritePen now recognizes unrestricted handwriting in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish languages.
  • Online Auto-Upgrade System: ritePen automatically checks for upgrades on the company back-end and delivers available upgrades to qualifying users.

You can tell I’m enthusiastic about ritePen 3.0. If you follow what I write here you know I’m also a fan of EverNote from the same company. I was never a big fan of either product in previous generations, but let me say that these two products have made my Tablet PC usage much more enjoyable since I’ve had the privilege to check them out.

Check out more on ritePen 3.0 here, and watch the demo videos. ritePen 3.0 costs $29.95 but you can try it out for 30 days.

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