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RMT Duros Rugged Tablet PC Reviewed



Back in February, RMT released a resistive touch rugged tablet for the vertical market. Rugged PC Review finally got their hands on a review unit and posted an in-depth look on their site. One of the most intriguing aspects of the Duros is the option to run Windows XP Embedded. The advantage of having XP Embedded is a minimal installation of the OS.  A company can custom design the OS around specific components depending on what the tablet is needed for. As little as 8MB with a bootable kernal or 40MB of OS footprint would be needed for day-to-day operations. With such a small impact on system resources from the OS, the Duros proved to be quite zippy with even the slow 500MHz processor. Full customization includes a choice of operating systems ranging from the lightweight XP Embedded and Linux utilizing AMD’s LX 800 chipset operating at 500MHz to the resource intensive Windows Vista running Intel’s Celeron M ULV 373 chipset at 1.0GHz. Hard drive options start with a 40GB HDD and ends at 120GB with a 64GB SSD thrown in for good measure. More pictures and the full review can be found on Rugged PC Review’s site.


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