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Robin Williams Movies Now Compiled in iTunes Store



Robin Williams’ passing has been tough on the entire world, but you can celebrate the actor comedian’s vast portfolio by watching most of his movies that are now compiled into a collection in the iTunes Store for your viewing pleasure.

Williams was one of those rare actors who has been in so many good films that it’s simply too difficult to name even just a fraction of them all. However, Apple and the iTunes Store has made it somewhat possible thanks to a new collection that has most of the actor’s work in one place.

The collection includes some of Williams’ best and funniest movies, including Mrs. Doubtfire, Patch Adams, Flubber, Popeye, and Hook. You can even watch his drama films like The World According to Garp, What Dreams May Come, and Good Will Hunting.

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Users can buy or rent any of these movies and watch them on their computers, iOS devices, or Apple TV.

Robin Williams

Apple also included a heartfelt note in the iTunes Store to remember the great actor:

“One of the most beloved and unforgettable performers in the history of show business, Robin Williams brought laughter and inspiration to millions. Throughout a career that spanned five decades, Williams evolved from stand-up comedian to international movie star. Among the great masters of improv, he transfixed audiences with a mile-a-minute comic energy. Williams’ Golden Globe-winning turn in Good Morning, Vietnam demonstrated that his versatile acting talents were equally suited to evoking dramatic complexity. Many of Williams’ most iconic performances — in Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Doubtfire, and his Oscar-winning triumph Good Will Hunting — were dazzling high-wire acts that left audiences in tears of laughter one minute and tears of poignancy the next. An Emmy and a GRAMMY winner as well, Williams was a philanthropist who served as a driving force behind Comic Relief USA, which has raise more than $50 million.”

Williams has over 100 credits to his name in a variety of movies and TV shows, according to IMDb. One of his first-ever roles that put Williams in the spotlight was a small guest character in the TV show Happy Days where Williams played Mork in a couple of episodes in the late 70s.

Williams is the winner of one Oscar, four Golden Globes, three Primetime Emmy awards, and five American Comedy awards.

The comedian had a recent impact on Apple, as the Cupertino-based company used quotes from Dead Poets Society in which there’s a scene when Williams’ character asks the question, “What will your verse be?” This scene was recently used in a number of Apple ads where a montage of iPhone and iPad users are seen using the iOS devices in numerous ways.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.10.48 AM

Apple also put up a simple tribute to Robin Williams on its main website, saying that the entire company is “deeply saddened by the passing of Robin Williams. He inspired us through his passion, his generosity, and the gift of laughter. He will be greatly missed.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook even shared his thoughts about the great actor on Twitter, saying that he is “heartbroken by the news of Robin Williams’ passing. He was an incomparable talent and a great human being. Rest in peace.”

The tribute is very similar to the one Steve Jobs received on Apple’s homepage a couple of years ago when the company’s founder passed away from his fight with cancer. This is only goes to show just how much of an impact that Williams has made on Apple.

Williams passed away on August 11 from an apparent suicide. He suffered from depression throughout his life, and also struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. Just a few months before his death, Williams was admitted into an addiction treatment facility related to his alcoholism.

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