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Rocket League Supersonic Fury Release: 5 Things to Know



Rocket League for PS4 is about to get even better thanks to a new DLC pack that’s heading out in just a few short weeks. With new details confirmed, we want to take a look at the most important things to know about Psyonix’s new Rocket League Supersonic Fury release.

In July, Psyonix released Rocket League, a PC and PS4 exclusive on Sony’s PlayStation Store. The game, which is essentially demolition derby meets soccer, has been a roaring success and has sold five million units in the weeks since its initial release.

The game’s success has been fueled, in part, by Sony’s deal for PS Plus subscribers. Normally, Rocket League is $20. However, until August 4th, PS Plus users can pick the game up for free.


August will see the Rocket League jump back up to $20 for PS Plus members but it will also see the release of the game’s first big DLC pack called Rocket League Supersonic Fury.

With new details now available, we take a look at the five most important things to know about the Rocket League Supersonic Fury release for PS4.

Rocket League Supersonic Fury Trailer

The Rocket League Supersonic Fury DLC won’t arrive until next month but Psyonix has released something to hold you over until then.

Today’s announcement was accompanied by a brand new trailer that shows off the Rocket League DLC content in great detail.

Those who are at all interested in picking the DLC up will want to take a look at the video to get a feel for its items ahead of their arrival.

Rocket League Supersonic Fury

Rocket League’s first DLC release will include a number of intriguing items to use in-game. The Supersonic Fury pack features new cars and it also comes with several new customization options for PS4 users.

The DLC comes with two new cars. One, an American muscle car, is called Dominus. The other is a Japanese street racer called Takumi. Both cars come with six different Decals that players can use in the Garage.


The Rocket League Supersonic Fury also comes with a number of other customization options. They include two new Rocket Boosts called Nitrous and Burnout, two new Wheel sets called Cristiano and Spinner, and five new Paint Types dubbed Brushed Metal,Carbon Fiber, Metallic Pearl, Pearlescent, and Wood.

The DLC will also come with some brand new trophies for Rocket League players to earn.

Rocket League Supersonic Fury Release Date

Psyonix didn’t confirm a specific Rocket League Supersonic Fury release date though the developer has committed to a release date in early August. The trailer for the DLC pack also confirms an August release date so it’s clear that the additional content will be out for the PlayStation 4 next month.

Rocket League Supersonic Fury Price

Rocket League for PS4 is free for the moment and it will remain that way for a few more days. Rocket League Supersonic Fury isn’t free and the developer has confirmed the price of all of this content ahead of it’s upcoming release date.


The Rocket League Supersonic Fury price is $3.99, a small price to pay for those that have already downloaded a $20 game for free. The DLC obviously isn’t required to play Rocket League but at this low price it’s certainly going to be worthy of consideration.

Free Rocket League Update

The developer has also detailed a free Rocket League update that will be coming to all PS4 Rocket League players down the road.

The free update is going to arrive with several new additions including the game’s first new map dubbed Utopia Coliseum. It’ll also come with a brand new Spectator Mode that allows players to view games in real-time from any angle. Psyonix is also in the process of adding more than 70 new flags that players will be able to attach to their car.

The company says that it will also deliver updated Goal explosions and Demolitions and a brand new song to the game’s soundtrack.

A release date for the free Rocket League update has yet to emerge though we expect the developer to outline its plans in the near future.

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