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Rocket League Xbox One Release Date Confirmed



Microsoft and video game developer Psyonix have finally confirmed the Rocket League Xbox One release date gamers have waited for ever since the title arrived on Sony’s PS4. Officially, the race car-laden sports title will arrive on Microsoft’s entertainment console next week.

Microsoft revealed the Rocket League Xbox One release date late last night on its Xbox Wire news blog. By most accounts, Rocket League was the biggest thing to launch from an independent game developer last year. Players pilot tiny customized racers and essentially try to play soccer. Sony had an agreement with Psyonix that kept Rocket League from Xbox One for months.


Rocket League Xbox One launches on February 17th, just a week from today. That makes sense given that Psyonix recently revealed that the game was finished and awaiting clearance from Microsoft before it could enter the Xbox Store. The studio always maintained that it would deliver Rocket League Xbox One in February. Rocket League is $19.99 on Xbox One, slightly higher than some titles from independent developers, but not the $60 that a game can normally cost.

That price does include all three of the downloadable content packs that are available on the PS4 and Windows PCs. Each of the content packs add two cars to compete in the game with. There’s also a ton of add-on content for customizing each car.

The Super Sonic Fury Pack gets players two high-end cars for battle, 12 decals, 5 paint types, 2 rocket trails and 2 wheels. The Revenge of the Battle Cars Pack gets users two premium battle cars, 12 decals, 3 paint types, 2 rocket trails, 2 wheels, 4 toppers and 2 antennas. Chaos Run Pack comes with 2 more cars, 12 decals, 2 wheels, 2 rocket trails, 3 toppers and 3 antennas.


Players can swap the different parts that are in the base game and these packs to make their car look a bit more interesting as they race around the track, hoping to score points by knocking the ball into their opponent’s goal. Microsoft and Psyonix partnered to create some exclusive items for Xbox One owners too.

Two exclusive cars for Rocket League Xbox One offer some personality, the Armadillo and Warthog. The Armadillo is from Microsoft’s third-person shooter franchise Gears of War. The Warthog is a miniature version of a vehicle in the Halo franchise. Players also get some smaller exclusive items inspired by other Xbox franchises. The Overcharge Rocket Trail and Fizzie antenna ornament are from Sunset Overdrive, a open-world shooter available only on the Xbox One.

Microsoft’s Rocket League Xbox One release information doesn’t include a breakdown of the other exclusive items included with the game, though it does note that they’ll be car decorations, like Fizzie. It also notes that there are over 100 billion combinations between cars and add-on accessories. It’s a hint at how personal each car in the game can be.


Rocket League Xbox One includes all the same main modes that users have had access to on other platforms. A season mode that can be played completely offline is built into the game. So are multiplayer modes ranging from 2 to 8 players total. The Snow Day Hockey Mode is included too. One thing Microsoft doesn’t reveal is whether players will have access to the special playlist that Psyonix introduced recently for testing new ideas. Other versions of the game already have it.

Normally, Microsoft would let Xbox One owners purchase a pre-order for the game ahead of release so that it’s already installed on their console when release day arrives. The company isn’t doing that for this release.

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1 Comment

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