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Rocket League Xbox One Release Date Soon



Owners of Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console have been on the edge of their seats ever since the company revealed Rocket League for Xbox One during an awards show late last year. Video game developer Psyonix hasn’t confirmed when the Rocket League Xbox One release date is just yet, but the studio says it still plans to deliver the game very soon.

Psyonix talked about the Rocket League Xbox One release date this week in a reply to a fan on social networking website Twitter. Rocket League was one of last year’s biggest video games, despite being created by a smaller than normal studio and having a mostly abstract concept. It is described by most as a soccer game, but played with a hot rod and themed cars instead of human players.


It received but did not win an award for Best Sports Game at The Game Awards 2015. That was the same show that Microsoft revealed the Rocket League Xbox One release. The game was a big part of the PS4’s exclusive line-up last year.

“We’re currently going through the certification process with @ID_Xbox,” the Rocket League Twitter account told one fan publicly on February 1st.” The account doesn’t go on to providing a hard Rocket League Xbox One release day. “Mid-February is still our target,” the Twitter account declares.

ID @ Xbox is the internal program at Microsoft that hopes to foster and harness development from smaller gaming studios that don’t have large corporate backers for their games. A similar focus on smaller developers at Sony is what helped Rocket League rise to popularity on the PS4. Rocket League is already available on PCs running Microsoft’s Windows operating system through Steam.

Though the Rocket League Xbox One release date hasn’t arrived just yet, Psyonix has already moved on to adding fresh content for players to enjoy on all the different versions that exist. This week, the company announced a new playlist built into the game called Rocket Labs. Rocket Labs will let Rocket League players try out new content before its ready for everyone else. That content includes new arenas to hold matches in. Utopia Retro is a circular map. Underpass focuses on keeping the game’s cars airborne. Double Goal has two goals, as its name suggests.

New add-ons inspired by Deadmau5 are included in the same February Rocket League update that access to Rocket Labs is. Getting away from add-on content a bit, the game now includes an option to report offensive people in the game’s chat systems.

We don’t know when the Rocket League Xbox One release date is exactly, but we do know a lot of other things about the title. The Xbox One version of the game will come equipped with tons of add-ons, at no additional cost.

Speaking on the release, Psyonix said late last year that it “will contain all the same features, upgrades and content found in the PS4 and Steam versions, plus several new additions.” Those additions include cars based on Microsoft’s most popular franchises; Halo and Gears of War themed vehicles are coming with the game.

Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars and Chaos Run are all DLC packs that’ll come with Rocket League on Xbox One at no additional charge. There’ll be 16 different cars when the game launches, not including the two exclusive add-on cars for Halo nd Gears of War. The game’s other features, customizations, 4 player local multiplayer and match customization controls are in this coming version too. There’ll be 44 different Xbox Live achievements in all.

Rocket League for Xbox One will cost $19.99 whenever it does arrive.



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  2. FL1PS1D3

    02/06/2016 at 5:07 am

    If Xbox one have rocket league can the pc connect with they? just the same as PS network?

  3. CammyDeo

    02/06/2016 at 12:47 pm

    Nope Xbox will be seperate to ps and pc unfortunately

  4. yourmomschesthairs

    02/10/2016 at 3:19 pm

    That’s good, at least PS4 gets to keep something different than Xbox, it’s not fair it’s been out longer for PC and PS4 and xbox gets all the dlc for free and two new cars. :/

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