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Rokshield v3 iPhone 5 Case Review



The Rokshield v3 iPhone 5 case is a multi-function iPhone 5 case that mounts with a magnet and a locking adapter.

This case is not as all encompassing as a OtterBox Defender case, but it could be the perfect iPhone 5 case for a mechanic or technician that needs the protection and ability to keep the iPhone in sight on the job.

The Rokshield v3 isn’t just limited to work though. The adapters are designed for fun, which could open up the Rokshield v3 to more iPhone 5 owners.


Rokshield v3 iPhone 5 case review - 11

The Rokshield v3 iPhone 5 case offers protection and easy mounting.

The case is a two-part design for added protection. The inner section of the Rokshield v3 is a hard polycarbonate material that snaps on the iPhone 5, snapping into place on the back. This part of the case includes a grip with a magnet built-in, as well as an opening to lock on to the included mount or to attach one of the accessories.

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The outer piece of the case is a rubber bumper that covers the edges of the case and sits on top of the home button. This could keep some dust and debris off the home button. The rubber bumper is a tougher, more utilitarian rubber than we see on most cases. It feels more like something you’d find on a shop bench than on a computer desk, which isn’t a bad thing for a case like this. The home button cover adds some resistance to pressing the button, and double taps don’t always register.

Rokshield v3 iPhone 5 case review - 08

A rubber bumper surrounds the phone and sits on the home button.

The Rokshield v3 works with or without the bumper, depending on the protection needed and the look desired.

Inside the Rokshield v3, the iPhone 5’s ports are easy to use, though don’t plan on using a Lightning to 30-pin adapter, as it won’t likely fit in the small opening. The volume and power buttons are covered by the bumper and are easy to use.

In the middle of the case’s back is a small rubber grip that contains the magnet. This magnet is safe to keep next to the iPhone 5 and next to credit cards. This makes it easy to mount the iPhone 5 to metal in a shop or just in the kitchen.

Rokshield v3 iPhone 5 case review - 03

A small magnet sits in the back of the case.

Just above the magnet is an opening that locks on to the included Rokshield v3 mount. This mount sticks to a hard surface with 3M adhesive so the case mounts where there is nothing magnetic. Rokform includes one mount, and users can buy more.

Rokform sells a variety of adapters that lock on to the back of the case.

  • Golf divot fixer
  • Sports clip
  • Tripod mount
  • Bottle opener

The opening on the back of the case shows off the Apple logo when there is no accessory in place. It’s a good idea to buy one of the attachments because the edges of the opening are sharp and uncomfortable to grab when taking the phone out of a pocket.

Rokform also sells a bike mount that connects to handlebars to lock the iPhone 5 in place and a suction cup mount. There’s a small opening on the side of the Rokshield v3 to connect a lanyard to the iPhone 5.

Rokshield v3 iPhone 5 case review - 09

Two part protection for the iPhone 5.

The Rokshield v3 iPhone 5 case is a good option for active iPhone 5 owners looking for one case that mounts in many places and converts to the golf course, party or a photography session.

The Rokshield v3 iPhone 5 case is available in a variety of colors from Amazon for $32.



  1. jeff

    12/17/2012 at 4:54 pm

    Would this case work with a screen protector I had the version of this case for the iphone 4s and if you ever took the phone out of the case more than one or two times the case would ruin the screen protector. It fit to snugly. I was using the invisible shield.

  2. hans

    01/08/2013 at 10:21 am

    But why does it have to be so damn ugly. Will prefer my EDGE Design case anytime.

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