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Rovio’s Angry Birds Sequel Might Be Angry Pigs



After the success of Angry Birds Space Rovio might be looking at turning the franchise in another direction.

According to Pocket-Lint Rovio’s next Angry Birds game will focus on the pigs instead of the birds. The game will feature King Pig and other pigs like the Soldier Pig and the Pig With a Moustache as they try to protect the eggs they stole from the birds.

The game will still feature the familiar slingshot and the same wood, stone, and glass structures. The only difference is the pigs will be the ones flying across the screen. Like the birds, the pigs will each have their own special abilities, which we hope are slightly different from the bird abilities.

Angry Pigs will likely reach the App Store and the Play Store (among others) sometime near the end of the year, possible around Christmas. The release would mean its launches less than a year after the newest game, Angry Birds Space.

As one of the most popular game franchises ever users have downloaded Angry Birds games more than one billion times. The question is: will users still download an Angry Birds game that features the pigs instead? We’re not sure, but we know we’re definitely willing to try such a game if it does come out.

Angry Birds Space added some interesting new mechanics and features that made it the most interesting game of the series. We hope an Angry Pigs can bring similar innovation. Flinging pigs at birds might be fun, but the game will hopefully have something else to make it more interesting.

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