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Rumor: $199 8GB Nook Tablet Coming To Walmart February 22



According to a document obtained by The Verge, Barnes & Noble is planning to introduce an 8GB version of the Nook Tablet. The launch is supposed to happen at 12:01am at Walmart, of all places.

The smaller internal memory chip may mean it’ll sell for $199 instead of the $249 the 16GB version costs. At $199 it’s competitive with Amazon’s Kindle Fire — will that be enough to pull in consumers?

After all, the Nook Color is $199 right now and offers much of the same functionality. The Tablet is superior in that it has a better processor, more RAM, and offers Hulu Plus and Netflix, among other things. I recommended it in my review at the full price. For $199 it’s a no-brainer.

Nook Tablet

For many consumers it’s not just about price. The Kindle Fire wraps all of Amazon’s media offerings in one device, from books to music to video. The Nook Tablet also has a huge bookstore, a better magazine experience, and can play music and video. But there’s no way to buy movies or TV episodes on the device as you can with the Kindle Fire. Not yet, at least.

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If B&N announces this new Nook alongside a partnership with a media company like mSpot that can offer comparable TV and movie selections they could turn a lot of heads.

If the reduced storage worries potential customers, the Nook Tablet has a micro SD slot that takes cards up to 32GB.

Would you buy the Nook Tablet for $199?

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  1. oneshopfinance

    02/20/2012 at 8:28 pm

    Nook tablet is available here with free shipping

  2. Ferizt

    02/21/2012 at 4:46 am

    I want this tablet…

    new gadget

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