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Amazon May Announce Two 7-Inch Kindle Fire Tablets Next Week



Next week Amazon will unveil its new Kindle Fire tablet, but a new report claims the company won’t have a larger Kindle Fire that we’;ve heard rumors about..

According to CNet on September 6 Amazon will announce two 7-inch tablets instead of one 7-inch and one 10-inch like we heard before. At the event Amazon will unveil a slightly upgraded version of the current Kindle Fire along with a much improved 7-inch tablet.

While we’re not sure what the updated version of the current model will have, there are rumored features of the second 7-inch Kindle Fire. The new model will likely ship with a faster processor, a front-facing camera for video chat, physical volume buttons, and an HDMI port. It will also likely offer more storage space, but not expandable storage.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2

Unfortunately we don’t know how much the new model will cost.

The new model sounds like the one in the leaked photo we saw yesterday. We don’t know if that was the final version of the tablet, but it is the only image we’ve seen of a Kindle Fire with a camera so far.

Both Kindle Fire tablets will have a new user interface to replace the virtual bookshelf in the current model.

The updated version of the current model will likely have a lower price. The situation sounds just like an Apple iPhone launch where the previous generation gets a slight tweak (in Apple’s case a new iOS and less storage) and a price drop. If that is the case, Amazon could undercut the Google Nexus 7 with last year’s model and match it with the new model.

Amazon might still have larger Kindle Fires in the works, but it won’t announce those larger tablets next week.

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