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Rumor: iPhone Nano, Contract Free for $200



Apple is facing increased competition with a seemingly endless stream of Android, WebOS and Windows Phone 7 being released. The iPhone has taken off like a rocket over the past few years, but one size most definitely fit all. According to Mr. Unnamed Source, Apple is working on multiple iPhone models, including one that will be smaller and cheaper, designed to compete with lower cost Android devices.

The iPhone Nano, or whatever it may be called, would be more significantly smaller than the iPhone 4. Most likely it will be slower and lack some of the larger iPhone’s features so there’s enough differentiation between models.

While Apple’s long sold the iPhone at $199 and $299 price points with a two-year contract, the iPhone Nano would cost in the neighborhood $200 out the door and without a contract. Bloomberg’s anonymous source says that Apple will sell the iPhone Nano through multiple carriers.

Of course, Apple’s not ready to talk about any such plans. An iPhone Nano would likely be larger than an iPod Nano, but it would be pretty cool to have a mini iPhone.

In my opinion, it’s inevitable that Apple will diversify its iPhone offering. While Apple has historically kept a pretty shallow catalog, it has diversified its offerings in recent years. The company now offers six distinct MacBooks and its widest selection of iPods ever.

via Bloomberg



  1. Tomas Antila

    02/12/2011 at 9:45 pm

    I would be very interested in seeing a really small phone. Just like the current ipod nano. Some people only needs to make calls on their phone, and frankly I’m amazed there’s no smaller phones.

  2. Carmenrojas2

    07/09/2011 at 11:28 pm

    I Just came in from walking my dog, and had my Nano on my wrist as a watch. Im an actress and while rehearsing my lines, it hit me as i was talking out loud that people might think im on the phone,  so i thought great i dont look so crazy,  right? But of course i realized i wasn’t.  Just was in the moment LOL,  It just felt so normal to be walking and talking in my headset, For instance you have your headset and a phone in your hand it usually means your on the phone.   So i was just wishing and praying that my nano was a small 
    I Phone Nano. and people were like WOW shes got the latest gadget. The I PHONE NANO!!!!!!!! That would be so freekin cool. I would bye it in a heart beat. Because all i need my nano for is my work out and  music.  But how cool would it be if you could never miss an important call or make a call that would just be a dream!!!!! Apple PLEASE MAKE AN  I PHONE NANO!!!! I PHONE NANO, I PHONE NANO,
    I PHONE NANO, I PHONE NANO Raaaa Raaaaa Raaaaa 

  3. Carmenrojas2

    07/09/2011 at 11:36 pm

    Also forgot to mention, it would never take me away from my MAC or my I Pad but were spoiled i think,  and sometimes the less we have on us the better. Like us girls we carry these big ass purses and the worlds in there but when we go out we want just a little purse to carry only the important stuff. A house key, an ID, a credit card and a lip gloss. Thats it. Same if we would have a I Phone Nano. I hate to bring my phone in the gym or i feel its to heavy to run with but today with that Nano on my wrist, it was pure heaven. I felt so free with my arms all over the place. Just saying.

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