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Rumor: Microsoft Bringing Office to iPad



iPad news magazine The Daily reports that Microsoft may be making a version of Office for the iPad that’s compatible with Office version for Windows Phone and Office365, the online version of the software. They’re saying that $10 is a likely price point, though I suspect if this is a reality it’s more likely that each component will cost $10 — Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.

We may know if the rumor is indeed fact by early 2012. So far Microsoft hasn’t released any of this news on their own.

My big hope is that they’re not just working on a version for iOS but Android as well. And that the mobile versions will have support for the functions users have been clamoring for, such as track changes and view comments.

Microsoft Office for iPad

image credit: gadget lab

This could be a chance for Microsoft to gain dominance in the mobile office platform space as they have with traditional computers. For whatever reason, mobile office apps have weird limitations that make it hard to rely on tablets for real work. Sure, you can type up a document or create a very simple presentation, but try to do anything beyond that and you may find yourself very frustrated.

keeping in mind that tablets don’t have much screen real-estate, I hope Microsoft ditches the ribbon found on the desktop version of their software. Though with MS, you never know.

What features do you hope Microsoft Office for iPad will bring to the table?



  1. dstrauss

    12/01/2011 at 6:32 am

    As much as I would kill for this development (might even give up on my hatred of the capacitive stylus), I just CANNOT see this happening. It would GUT Windows 8 tablets except for the remaining few like me who cherish Wacom. A fully compatible Word/Exce/PP experienc on the iPad would cement Apple’s leadership. At best, I could see them “fixing” Office 365 so it can run on iPads, but that is not the holy grail for users, but would still damage the Windows 8 tablet franchise. 

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