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S Voice Leaks for Any Android 4.0 Phone, Quickly Blocked By Samsung



S Voice, one of the big software features in the Samsung Galaxy S III leaked on the web this weekend, but Samsung and Vlingo are blocking the app.

According to SlashGear, the APK for S Voice leaked earlier this weekend. Anybody that wanted to try S Voice could load it on their Android smartphone, assuming their phone runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Sadly the Siri clone didn’t last long in the wild.

According to The Next Web, Samsung and its partner Vlingo are now blocking S Voice requests from other smartphones. The app still runs on any ICS device, but it reports back network errors. The requests to use the service aren’t even processed by Vlingo’s servers because they are coming from different phones.

S Voice sends a string of data to the Vlingo servers identifying the user’s device, so any request sent from a device that doesn’t identify as a Samsung Galaxy S III is¬†easily blocked. Theoretically it’d be possible for the app to send info identifying the device as a Galaxy S III. Spoofing the device ID should fool Vlingo servers into processing the requests.

Android users that want to use S Voice only have to wait eight days for the European release of the Galaxy S III. U.S. users will have to wait until an unspecified date in June. The Siri clone is just one of many software features Samsung put into the Galaxy S III. Other features include new gestures in TouchWiz and eye-tracking software that keeps the display active while users are looking at it.

Check out a demo of S-Voice shot by Android Central at the Galaxy S III event.

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