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Safe Kids Issues TV Safety Tip for Parent, Super Bowl Party Hosts



Even if you aren’t buying a HDTV for the Super Bowl, there is one thing SAFE Kids Worldwide wants parents and Super Bowl party hosts to do before the big game arrives — secure the HDTV to prevent a dangerous tip over.

According to the organization, a child goes to the ER for injuries from a TV tip over every 45 minutes during the last 10 years and, “Every 3 weeks a child dies from a television tipping over.”

While safety is important year round, it is worth bringing attention to this issue in the lead up to a Super Bowl for several reasons. November and December are prime times for HDTV sales and according to the Consumer Electronics Association so is the Super Bowl, which means a lot of new TVs and just as many old TVs. Older heavier CRT TVs or LCD TVs often end up in a game room or a playroom, where they need to be properly secured to prevent injuries.

HDTV tip overs are dangerous and surprisingly common.

HDTV tip overs are dangerous and surprisingly common.


For Super Bowl party hosts who may have children over for the first time since getting a new HDTV, the organization stresses the importance of keeping slim and bulky HDTVs secure, this can be especially important if kids will be playing games in another room while the adults watch the Super Bowl.

“We’re asking families to add one important, and perhaps overlooked, task to their Super Bowl prep,” said Kate Carr, president and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide in a press release this week. Carr urges parents and individuals who have kids over regularly to, “Take a look around your home. Can the flat panel TV tip over? Have you moved the old CRT to a bedroom dresser where it rarely gets watched? On National TV Safety Day, recycle that old TV. Your home will be safer for it.”

Safe Kids Worldwide offers three tips for parents and party hosts,

  1. Secure your TV. If you have an older CRT TV, make sure you place it on a low, stable piece of furniture that is appropriate for the TV’s size and weight.
  2. Recycle your TV. To find a location to safely and easily recycle unwanted TVs, go to
  3. If you’re replacing your CRT TV with a new TV, be sure it’s properly secured.

To properly secure a HDTV you can mount it to a wall, or buy straps that connect to the back of the HDTV and then to the back of an entertainment stand.

Use HDTV safety straps to prevent a dangerous tip over.

Use HDTV safety straps to prevent a dangerous tip over.

These straps are available at Amazon and other retailer for $10 to $20 and come in a variety of sizes. Users with bulkier TVs should place the TV on a low piece of furniture or use a strap to secure it in place.

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