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Safely Offers Awesome Phone Safety Tools for Parents



According to Safely, 75% of kids 12-17 have a cell phone. Most of the parents allow kids this age to carry cell phones for safety, but kids will be kids.

I worry every day about my daughter who averages 5,000+ texts a month. I am always afraid that she is looking down at her phone while driving. She saw my car after a texting teen crashed into me at a stoplight not too long ago and I have given her stiff ultimatums, but I know teens sometimes don’t think of the consequence of their actions.

Safely has just the product for my situation, Drive Safe, but right now, it is only available on Sprint.

As a parent, I am proud that Sprint is offering distracted driving solutions like Sprint Drive First, which helps wireless customers stay focused behind the wheel and keep their attention on driving. —Dan Hesse, CEO Sprint

Sprint offers a 15 day free trial of this service, branded as Sprint Drive First. After the trial, the service cost a reasonable $2/mo. That’s not too much to pay for peace of mind.

Drive Safe shuts the phone down for incoming texts and calls when the car is in motion. There are settings available that allows text auto replies when the service is activated as well as certain calls to still come in. All in all, the service sounds awesome for parents. A few years ago, I was joking around about an idea where an RF shield could be activated when a car went into motion, killing cell phone reception.

If Drive Safe isn’t enough for you, Safely also offers another great tool for parents and it is available on Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile with Verizon coming soon. FamilyLocator is a GPS Locator service that allows the parent to see all the phones with the service in real-time on a map. With this service, I could know if my daughter is really at the Mall.

FamilyLocator is branded as AT&T Family Map on AT&T. You can access this $9.99/mo service in a web browser, on an iPad or iPhone, and as an application on Android and Blackberry. On Sprint’s network, the service is called Sprint Family Locator, and on T-Mobile, it’s called FamilyWhere.

To be honest, I would definitely pay $2/mo for Drive Safe, but not $9.99 or more for Family Locator. While I see the good in Family Locator, I don’t see much need in my own situation.




  1. Guest

    05/01/2012 at 6:21 am

    A correction to this story.  Sprint Family Locator is $5 per month for up to 4 phones.  The author’s $9.99 reflects AT&Ts charge

  2. phone cases

    05/05/2012 at 4:45 am

    phone safety, many people don’t used that tool. I think it is very important tools.

  3. Inkobah

    05/11/2012 at 1:38 pm

    Nice write-up old pal. Looks like a quality service. Hope you’re well.


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