Samsung Adding S Pen Stylus To The Next Generation Galaxy Tab?

In an interview with LAPTOP Magazine, Samsung product marketing manager Ryan Bidan says that having a pen interface similar to what we see with the Galaxy Note “continues to make a lot of sense across a number of screen sizes,” but won’t go so far as to say that the next 10.1-inch Tab will have a stylus.

Still, the possibility has many all a-buzz with the possibility. I wouldn’t be sad to see a small stylus like the Note’s come with the next Tab as I’m a fan of stylii in general.

The ThinkPad Tablet’s stylus is one of the best parts of using the slate, especially when paired with note-taking apps,  handwriting recognition, and document markup. Bring that level of goodness to a Galaxy Tab and I’m on board.

Galaxy Note S Pen

Some may be inclined to dismiss the whole idea of  the stylus because Steve Jobs was famously not in favor of pen input. But a glance at the dozens of capacitive stylus products being marketed to and bought by iPad and iPhone owners is all you need to understand the power of the pen.

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Pen input isn’t the ideal method for every situation, of course. Bidan also discussed developing better voice commands, gesture control, even facial recognition. I think we’re coming up on a time when multiple intuitive and natural input methods revolutionize how we interact with our gadgets just as iOS revolutionized touch interaction with the iPhone.


  1. Willem Evenhuis

    01/25/2012 at 4:04 pm

    The stylus introduction on other tablets should not be the issue, the issue is better and more accurate and engaging inking software, not only the doodling kind, but also the serious writing and notetaking side. Why do we wonder we want the courier tablet so bad?


  2. Maracine Robert

    01/25/2012 at 7:26 pm

    All I want is a ventless slate with great battery  with an active digitizer and ms office, or at least something that can provide the same functionality.

    Why Ventless? Because most  laptop issues I’ve had come from either dust slowing the vent and as a result heating the whole system, or the fact that the noise bothers people sitting next to me in a classroom.

    Why ms office? because no other android alternatives cut it for my needs in college, current generation arm tablets are just a toy/joke and don’t provide any REAL improvement in productivity over pen and paper and your desktop back home.

    My only hope is to wait for windows 8 arm/medfield tablets. I wish they would hurry, I’ve only been waiting 4 years or so for them now. 


    • Rene Kluyskens

      01/28/2012 at 7:23 pm

      Try the Asus EEE slate ep121. I have it, and can tell you its great for note’s and drawing. Its very accurate and pressure sensitive with wacom who provided the pen. :)


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