Samsung Adds GLONASS Support for Improved GPS Accuracy on Windows Phone
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Samsung Adds GLONASS Support for Improved GPS Accuracy on Windows Phone



Samsung has released an app called High Fidelity Position that would add support for the Russian positioning system GLONASS for improved location accuracy on the company’s Windows Phone handsets. The app, available for free in Windows Phone Marketplace, would help Samsung Windows Phone 7 obtain more reliable location position through the use of both the GPS system, which is implemented by the U.S. military, as well as the Russian GLONASS system that’s seen as an alternative to U.S. GPS.

In addition to be able to tap into GLONASS satellite positioning, the Samsung-made app also can make use of sensors–such as accelerometer and digital compass–for improved accuracy. According to the company, this ‘help[s] with pedestrian positioning, especially in areas where GPS is less accurate using other sensors such as accelerometer and compass.’

The app at this time is only compatible with Windows Phone Mango handsets and helps to improve accuracy with mapping and navigation.

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