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Samsung to Boost Galaxy Gear Support



As promised Samsung is now sharing more details about the roll out of the software needed for its smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear, to connect to devices besides the Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung president of strategic marketing for mobile, DJ Lee, told the Korean Times that the company will bring support for the Samsung Galaxy Gear to the Galaxy S4 with an update in October. Lee also said that users can expect compatibility with its smartwatch to roll out to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 by the end of December.

The timetable came midway through a profile of the flexible phones the company says it is developing for a release at some point in the future.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear

The Samsung Galaxy Gear

Unfortunately, Lee didn’t offer any more specifics beyond that, so we don’t yet know if Samsung will roll out the update as part of large-scale update, or a small patch style upgrade that users can download on their devices over their carrier’s data network. The timetable does fit with reports that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 would get an update to Android 4.3 in November or December. According to SAMMobile, the update is already in testing.

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Along with Android 4.3 and support for the Samsung Galaxy Gear, it’s likely that the update will include the latest enhancements to the TouchWiz interface that Samsung includes on all of its mobile devices.

Unfortunately, even if these updates go out as planned, it’s likely that Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 users won’t see these updates for some time. Typically, updates for Android devices initially go out to unlocked devices in each country, then arrive on users’ carrier-locked devices later. Sometimes the process can take months.


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As for the Galaxy Gear itself, Samsung has remained mostly quiet about just how much interest the company is seeing from consumers. Many industry watchers are predicting that smartwatches and other wearables could be the next growth category mobile computing. However it seems that Samsung is going to have a difficult time getting traction in the market. It certainly didn’t do itself in favors by designing the Galaxy Gear’s software in such a way that it only works with specific devices.

AT&T users can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Gear now for $299.

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1 Comment

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