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Samsung Buys Tegra 2 Chips, a Sign that Orion CPUs Not Yet Ready?



In addition to news coming from Samsung Telecommunications chief JK Shin that the company will be releasing a 7- and 10-inch slate, which was previously speculated before on the Internet, and tablets running on Google’s tablet-optimized Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system, the company is in the midst of acquiring NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processors.

News of Samsung’s adoption of Tegra 2 CPUs come from Citigroup analyst Glen Young, who says that Samsung has “placed a sizeable order with Nvidia for Tegra 2 chips in the first half of 2011, geared for both tablets and smartphones.” News of Samsung purchasing chips from rival NVIDIA suggests that the company’s ARM Cortex A9-based Orion chips are not yet ready or finalized for use in the company’s tablets and smartphones. Both the Tegra 2 and Orion are based on ARM Holding’s Cortex A9 dual-core reference design with integrated GPU; NVIDIA will use a low power GeForce-based GPU on the Tegra 2 processors.

Samsung’s dual-core tablets utilizing NVIDIA’s chipset will compete with a slew of Android smartphones and tablets that have debuted or will debut with Tegra 2, the most notable tablet competitor will be from Motorola in the form of the leaked Everest tablet, also referred to as the Stingray in the past. Motorola will also have a number of phones with NVIDIA’s chips as well.

Via: AndroidSPIN


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