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Samsung Considers Buying webOS from HP?



It looks like webOS may find a new foster parent in Samsung as HP still has yet to figure out what it wants to do with its $1.2 billion acquisition when it had bought Palm, according to new speculations brought forth by DigiTimes. More recently Samsung has also been rumored to be taking a keen interest in acquiring HP’s PC business as HP is also mulling the possibility of spinning off its profitable and successful PC endeavors through its Personal Systems Group.

Notebook sources reported to DigiTimes that Samsung is taking a more keen interest in webOS in a new effort to compete against Apple and Google. Currently, Samsung releases smartphones with three different operating systems–a line with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, the Galaxy series of devices utilizing Google’s Android OS, and also a Wave series that utilizes the company’s own Bada OS. However, as Google had recently announced that it will acquire Android phone-maker Motorola to help strengthen Android’s patent portfolio, there have been speculations that rival Android hardware-makers may internally be resenting Google’s actions though publicly supporting the Android OS-maker.

According to DigiTimes, ” In addition, Google’s acquisition of Motorola, which may seriously threaten hardware brand vendors, could also trigger Samsung to purchase webOS as a counter measure, the sources added.”

Whatever the case may be, those speculations have been just that as neither Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, or Sony Ericsson have commented any ill feelings or contempt to Google’s acquisition, and Google continues to maintain that Android will continue to be an open operating system and that Motorola will be operated as a separate unit.


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