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Samsung Courts Jet-Setters With Exclusive TripAdvisor Integration on Galaxy S4



Samsung is hoping to court the business of frequent flyers and world travelers with an exclusive arrangement with travel planning service TripAdvisor as the app will come pre-installed and integrated with Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone. While the integration doesn’t go as far as dedicated 24/7 concierge service or the automatic downloading of travel guides when you land at your destination like on Vertu‘s luxury smartphones, the integration appears to be a bit more coordinated than just pre-installing the app. That said, you’ll still need to make your own travel arrangements on your own.

urlIn addition to the pre-loaded app, there will be a Samsung Travel Widget on the Galaxy S4 that will pull in photos from TripAdvisor and show users popular travel destinations. Tapping on the photo will pull up information such as reviews, additional photos, and contact info. Additionally, users can also save their favorite photos and this will sync with the TripAdvisor app.

TripAdvisor photos can also be used on the lockscreen as well, which is a nice touch. Microsoft does something similar with its gorgeous Bing photos and users can have those Bing photos rotate on their Windows Phone lockscreen.

The app will also see integration in Samsung’s Story Album. TripAdvisor will provide additional information and content to fill those Store Albums.

Travel Widget – Designed to inspire, the Travel Widget will showcase TripAdvisor images of popular travel destinations and attractions around the world. Users can touch the on-screen star icon to save places to their “Saves” list on TripAdvisor, or tap the image to see details in the TripAdvisor app, which include reviews, opinions, photos and contact information.

Lock Screen Slideshow – When the phone enters “locked” mode, users can opt to see beautiful travel photos of the world’s most visually striking destinations on the device’s high-definition display.

City Information in Samsung Story Album – Samsung Story Album helps build a digital photo book  by seamlessly connecting travel content to user’s travel photos. TripAdvisor lets users add more enriched city information into the Story Album.

And planning for travel will also be easier. TripAdvisor will also allow Samsung users to login with a Samsung ID.  Travelers can add their travel information–hotel, flights–into the Calendar application, and contact information could be saved and stored directly in Samsung’s Contracts app as well.

This isn’t the first exclusive app offering for Samsung. The company chose the Flipboard app as a limited time exclusive on the Galaxy S3.

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