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Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Debuts Next Generation Note S View Cover for the Galaxy Note 3



Samsung didn’t just debut the Galaxy Note 3, the company also debuted a new S-View Flip Cover that’s designed to complement the device.

Samsung debuted a new generation of the S-View Flip Cover at its IFA 2013 press event today, shortly after announcing its next-generation phablet. According to the company, the new S-View Flip Cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is specifically designed with a larger window to allow users to see even more information when the device’s cover is closed. It’s also been specifically redesigned so that users have access to the Galaxy Note 3’s new Air Command functionality that’s enabled by the device’s next generation S Pen software.

The colors of the new Galaxy Note 3 S-View Cover.

The colors of the new Galaxy Note 3 S-View Cover.

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Just like the S-View Flip Cover for the last generation Galaxy Note, this cover will allow users to see the current time and notifications without having to fully activate that Galaxy Note 3. That’s because the Galaxy Note 3 will use a 5.7-inch AMOLED screen that is able to activate pixels individually. Because of this, the Note 3 can surface the time, date and certain notifications through the new wider S-View Flip Cover. The new wider window will also enable the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to showcase colored patterns behind the notifications it’s surfacing.

During today’s press conference Samsung did confirm that users will be able to pick up the Galaxy Note 3’s S-View Flip Cover in white, light brown pink, light orange, orange, purple, teal blue, dark gray and black. Samsung has also added a cut out for users to place a call or answer calls without having to open the device. Samsung also says that these devices are designed to complement the updated leather backs that users will be able to purchase for the Galaxy Note 3.

So far, the company hasn’t announced how much the updated S-View Flip Cover for the Galaxy Note 3 will cost users, however it did note that the covers will be available in time for the device’s launch in October in its press release. Samsung currently sells the S-View Cover for $59.99 on its web store.



  1. Bigmouth

    09/04/2013 at 11:16 am

    Is it just a cut out, or is there some protection for the screen?

    • kenyates

      09/23/2013 at 9:00 am

      Fret not, there’s a protection for the screen.

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