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Samsung Droid Charge to cost $299? Droid Incredible 2 priced at $199?



Droid-Life has gathered some intel, information supported by hard evidence we might add, that indicates that Verizon’s upcoming Samsung Droid Charge and HTC Droid Incredible 2 could be price at $299 and $199 respectively.

Pricing of Droid Incredible 2, Droid Charge

While this leaked chart indicates these will be the Minimum Advertised Prices for these devices, it would be pretty shocking to see the Droid Charge hit shelves for a price that expensive. $249, like the HTC ThunderBolt, seems like a better bet.

As for the Droid Incredible 2, $199 sounds about right, considering it is rumored not to come with 4G LTE capabilities.

According to a leaked Verizon road map, the Droid-branded Samsung Droid Charge will be coming to Verizon on April 7th followed by the Droid Incredible 2 which apparently will be hitting shelves on April 28th.


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