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Samsung Expands ATIV Branding to Cover All Windows Products



Samsung has officially unveiled its plans to expand the ATIV branding to cover all products built on Microsoft’s Windows platform. Initially, the company had introduced the Windows Phone 8-powered ATIV S and the ATIV Smart PC, ATIV Smart PC Pro, and ATIV Tab tablets based on Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows RT platforms. Now, the company has extended the ATIV branding to notebooks and Ultrabooks in a move that we had seen leaked a few weeks ago. This means that the company’s ‘Series’ numbered products would fall under the ATIV branding moving forward.

The company introduced the ATIV Book 5, which is a 14-inch touchscreen Ultrabook. The ATIV Book 5 is already available and starts at $900. There’s also an ATIV Book 6 that will start at $1200.

The full product categories and names are listed below, according to SlashGear:


The ATIV Smart PC Pro will be re-badged as the ATIV Tab 7 while the Atom-powered Smart PC will be called the ATIV Tab 5.

In addition to rebranding its Windows product lineup, Samsung is also bundling its SideSync software on all ATIV products. The pre-loaded software will allow users to more easily manage their mobile products and synchronize their phone and multimedia between the smartphone and PC.

Samsung ATIV Family Product Image

In addition to the ATIV line, Samsung has branded its Android efforts around the Galaxy branding, with the flagship smartphone being the current Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Tab as its consumer-grade tablet. The company also creates the Galaxy Note line that comes with the active digitizer S-Pen based on Wacom’s technology, and that product is geared more towards creative professionals.


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1 Comment

  1. Identidad corporativa

    04/29/2013 at 8:23 am

    These are the things that have made me want Samsung products that the products of the company are not compatible and can be fully functional, as Apple already know the answer.

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