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Samsung Introduces Faster LPDDR2 DRAM for Smartphones, Tablets



Samsung has announced faster DRAM memory standards for use in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The new LPDDR2 DRAM uses less power, according to Samsung, than existing solutions while at the same time delivering more performance thanks to its 30 nm-class technology.

The base model is offered at 4 GB and can transfer data at 1,066 Mbps, which is similar in performance to PC memory solutions, but optimized for mobile computing needs. Samsung says that the speed is more than double today’s solutions, which clocks in at about 400 Mbps.

An 8 GB solution will also be available by stacking two 4 GB chips in a single package. The 8 GB model will have a 20% height reduction, which could result in thinner devices in the future.

Samsung says the LPDDR2 DRAM technology should become mainstream in 2011. It looks like in addition to dual-core tablets and smartphones, we can also expect an increase in DRAM speeds.

Via: SlashGear

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