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CES 2013

Samsung Debuts Flexible Smartphone Prototype



While its CES 2013 press conference took place earlier this week, Samsung has seemingly saved the best announcements for later in this week as the company showed off its flexible display technology, which the company calls Samsung Youm, on a prototype that sports the flexible OLED technology that will likely eventually be implemented into some of Samsung’s devices.

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The company made the announcement today in Las Vegas, several days after it held its press conference, and the unveiling of its flexible display technology comes weeks after Samsung was rumored, to be bringing its flexible display to the Consumer Electronics Show once again.


Samsung has shown off a flexible smartphone prototype using its “Youm” technology.

Samsung made good on those rumors, showcasing its flexible display that it has dubbed ‘Youm.’ And instead of keeping the tech behind glass like we’ve seen in the past, the company rolled out a prototype on stage, showing off its very noticeable flexible qualities.

The company also showed off a video where a prototype smartphone display was shown transforming into a functioning tablet thanks to its flexible OLED display. The video also hinted  that the software user interface will be able to be shown, as normal, and as expected, when a device sporting this type of technology is laid flat.

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Of course, these demos are merely demos and they don’t mean that Samsung will be introducing a phone with a flexible display in the near future. We’ve seen this type of technology before but this is the first time that Samsung has delivered an actual name, ‘Yohm’ to go along with the technology.

There have been rumors suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S4, a device that is rumored to be coming out in the first half of 2013, and the fact that Samsung finally debuted its flexible OLED display might give consumers hope for later this year. However, we’ve heard that Samsung is likely far off in delivering this type of screen to its flagship devices. And with companies like Sharp still showcasing flexible displays behind glass cases, flexible smartphone displays seem to still be on the horizon but out of reach.



  1. Richard Allen Yarrell

    01/10/2013 at 6:21 am

    If I was a betting man i can assure that Samsung is much further ahead with this technology than people would give them credit for. Trust me they wouldn’t bring it out for public viewing at CES 2013 if they weren’t going to use it in 2013. The Galaxy S4 as well as the Galaxy Note 3 will have these display technology. No other manufacturer will in 2013 and to top it off it will be 1080p. Who will top that in 2013??? Nobody.

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    01/13/2013 at 3:56 pm

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    • BobaFrett

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