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Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch Details Leak Ahead of IFA



Samsung might have only officially revealed that they’ll be debuting their Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch at next’ week’s IFA 2013 tradeshow earlier this week, but intimate details of the device’s components may have leaked out well ahead of the announcement.

According to sources inside the company who talked to Among Tech, users can expect the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch to include a 2.5–inch OLED touchscreen with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, a 1.6GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and their choice of 8GB and 6GB of on-board storage.

The device would also include an accelerometer for detecting movement and Bluetooth 4.0 LE so that it can connect to other devices with as little battery usage as possible. The device will actually feature speakers that are built-into its wrist strap. Just as rumors suggested, the device will run Android Jelly Bean, however Among Tech’s report didn’t include any more details about application compatibility. Evleaks also shares screenshots of a Samsung Gear pairing and setup screen.

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All told that design almost mirrors the Samsung Galaxy Gear device that surfaced at the United States Patent and Trade Office in late July. Since the patent was first found, the USPTO has removed the drawing of the device.

Samsung’s executive vice president of mobile devices, first confirmed that users would get to see the Samsung Galaxy Gear at IFA 2013 on Tuesday. While she didn’t elaborate much on the specifications of the device, she did note that the device would “enhance the current smart mobile experience in many ways,” and that the device would “lead [to] a new trend in smart mobile communications.” At the time, she also said that the Samsung Galaxy Gear wouldn’t use any of the company’s curved screen technology in the first iteration.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear as pictured in a filing with the USPTO

The Samsung Galaxy Gear as pictured in a filing with the USPTO

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Samsung may not be the only company showing off a smartwatch at IFA 2013. While Sony has already announced its SmartWatch2 device, the company has yet to confirm exactly when users can expect to see the device in stores.

So far, no solid rumors on pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch have surfaced.

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1 Comment

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