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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Accessories Land at Verizon Stores



Droid-Life has posted a photo of what is clearly two accessories for Verizon’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus which means that an announcement or better yet, a release is just around the corner. On the left you see the Shell/Holster Combo with the Kickstand and on the right we have the plain old Silicone Cover and both items have apparently found their way to a Verizon retail store.

And that’s a pretty good sign that we are closer than ever to the launch of one of the most anticipated Android phones to date.

We just wish Verizon would clear up the release date madness. We still have three possible dates. November 10th, which is highly unlikely considering the Droid RAZR launches the day afterward, November 17th which is the day that the phone will hit Europe and November 21st.

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If we had to bet the house here, we’d say the most likely date among the trio is November 21st. It gives Big Red some breathing room in between the Droid RAZR and HTC Rezound launches and it’s right before Black Friday which will give the carrier an opportunity to maximize exposure.

So, how about it Big Red?

Can we make the date official?



  1. BrianB13

    11/10/2011 at 4:49 am

    I doubt Big Red will even acknowledge the Nexus until sometime after Nov 14th.  It seems VZW is really pushing the Razr.  What is really nuts is the fact that people who pre-ordered the Rezound are starting to receive them and all VZW has is a signup page on their site for that phone like they do for the Nexus.

    I don’t know why VZW is just concentrating on the Razr right now.  Why not just put all three phones on their site with the other smartphones and show the ship dates for them?  Why would they care which smartphone people purchase as long as it is on VZW?  Maybe has to do with vendor agreements?  Their signup pages are a joke.  You don’t receive anything until the day before launch BFD!!

    Starting on Nov 15th, I’m calling VZW each day to see if I can order a Nexus.  However, if they stop offering double data prior to the Nexus release, I would think seriously about going to AT&T and getting the Skyrocket instead.  I’m currently on Sprint and really don’t like VZW but they have the phone I want on a 4g LTE network.

    • Tim Hutchinson

      11/10/2011 at 7:26 am

      Alternatively, you could buy the Razr and then return it for the Nexus. I think VZW’s exchange policy on phones is 2 weeks?

  2. Anonymous

    11/10/2011 at 5:34 am

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