Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Case Packs a Touchpad for One Handed Use

A new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 case puts a pressure sensitive touchpad and buttons on the back of the phablet for easier one-handed use.

In our Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review we like the usefulness of the large screen, especially for mobile productivity, but found the large size made it tough to hold and use with one hand.

Now Dio Systems is offering a Galaxy Note 2 case that protects the Note 2, but also adds a small trackpad to the back of the phone so users can tap, scroll and swipe to control the large phone with one hand.

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Mobile Geeks discovered the case at CeBIT and offer a hands on video below. The audio is in German, but it offers a good look at the case and shows the trackpad control in action.

The Dio Systems Sixth Sense case connects to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with a Micro USB port at the bottom of the device. The case supports pass through charging and syncing. Users can easily snap the case on and off and it doesn’t seem to add much bulk to the already large Galaxy Note 2.

The video below shows how the trackpad on the Galaxy Note 2 case works, and what it can do when paired with the three buttons.

The Galaxy Note 2 case with a trackpad can switch from scrolling like a touch on the screen to use as a mouse while in the web browser. the buttons add additional usability including a favorite apps switcher.

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The trackpad can also be used to control games. In the video below, a Sixth Sense Galaxy S3 case is shown controlling Temple Run without the need to touch the screen.

The Dio Systems Galaxy Note 2 case with a trackpad is reportedly on the way to German markets for 35 euros, or about $45. It’s not clear if the case will make it to the U.S. With the increasing popularity of the Galaxy Note 2 in the U.S. there is certainly a market for the case.