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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Camera Details Come Into Focus



The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to arrive in late 2013 with a better camera than the aging Galaxy Note 2. Rumors often point to a 13MP camera, similar to what the Galaxy S4 uses. This morning a new photo appeared online with details that point to it originating on a prototype Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a 13MP camera.

Multiple sources claim the Galaxy Note 3 camera will use a 13MP sensor, and this is the second alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 3 photo to show a 2322 x 4128 resolution that points to a 13MP sensor. One source claims to know nearly all the Galaxy Note 3 specs.

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Some of these rumors claim the Galaxy Note 3 will feature an optical zoom and optical image stabilization, but from these two samples impossible to tell if either feature is on board. Still, there is mounting evidence that the Galaxy Note 3 will use a 13MP camera, leaving the 8MP sensor to the Galaxy S4 Active and the 16MP sensor to the Galaxy S4 Zoom.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Sample Photo (Alleged)

The photo below includes metadeta embedded in the image that points to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This alleged Galaxy Note 3 photo sample doesn’t show anything too exciting. That said, Samsung smartphone photo leaks showing off an office somewhere in Asia is basically a right of passage these days.

A possible Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sample photo.

A possible Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sample photo.

The possible Galaxy Note 3 photo sample shows a keyboard, monitor stand, travel tissues and a ziploc bag of what might be tea bags. Users can click the image above to look at the photo at full resolution. The photo below is a 100 percent crop of the sample to show detail.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 3 photo sample 100 percent crop.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 3 photo sample 100 percent crop.

The potential Samsung Galaxy Note 3 photo is on Picasa at the time of this writing, but like many leaked sample photos it will likely disappear shortly. The first alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 3 photo sample was taken offline very quickly. Leading up to the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, we saw sample photos appear a month before the reveal, which were pulled quickly.  The screenshot below shows the Exif data for the alleged Galaxy Note 3 photo sample, including camera details and a model number.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 3 camera exif data.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 3 camera exif data.

The model number listed here, SM-N900 is not the same as the earlier leak, but new details claim the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 model number will be SM-N900, or at least variations of this.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specs & Release

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could bring a mix of Samsung Galaxy S4 features and a brand new processor to the much-loved Galaxy Note brand.

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Expect a Galaxy Note 3 in Berlin.

Expect a Galaxy Note 3 in Berlin.

The following Galaxy Note 3 specs come form a variety of sources, and are still up in the air, but plausible.

  • Quad-core Exynos 5420 or Quad Core – Snapdragon 800 processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 5.99-inch 1080P Super AMOLED Display
  • 13MP camera
  • 8mm thick
  • 182 grams
  • LTE

Samsung is very likely planning the Galaxy Note 3 launch for a Samsung Mobile Unpacked event at IFA 2013 in September.

Some rumors point to a July or August Galaxy Note 3 launch, but September seems more likely.

If the Galaxy Note 3 launch arrives in September the Galaxy Note 3 could land on U.S. carriers in October and November.



  1. na

    06/14/2013 at 8:33 am

    If its going to be 13mp….it should be more clear then that. …im a photographer…..The only way is if the lens are degraded but don’t worry folks this picture is of 8 megapixel camera not a 13 megapixel camera…people are just blogging too much fake things just wait intill the phone is announced…no one is talking about the waterproof technology that the note 3 should be coming with….and I think people are just blogging too much making more speculations…yes we are all excited to see new technology…people really need to know how much radiation cell phones kicked out lot of people died it’s a proven factthe more high tech your phone is the more radiation it has….I’ll just stick with my old school flip phone…..LoL

  2. Jain Kallarakal

    06/14/2013 at 9:57 am

    GN3 to have a 19 MP back camera and an 8 MP front Camera and with a REVOLUTIONIZING Spen note.With this New Spen note we will be able to communicate with anyone in any CONTINENT in any language. YOU simply scribble in any language of your choice and SAVE the document as a GIF FILE and attach it with emails .This is going to revolutionize the way we communicate with the rest of the world.IN few days GN3 will be out.

    • Sonny

      06/14/2013 at 10:05 am

      I totally buy that;).

    • peggysue

      06/14/2013 at 4:30 pm

      Hahaha! Dream on! Someday maybe, in Samsung galaxy note 5.

    • na

      06/15/2013 at 12:12 pm

      That’s funny maybe omeday lol

  3. Sonny

    06/14/2013 at 10:03 am

    For a “photographer” you claim yourself, assuming “8 megapixel and not 13”, how do you prove that with you eyes?

    • Jain Kallarakal

      06/14/2013 at 1:54 pm

      By zooming in and out we can tell the quality of the picture , not the exact pixel of the camera, If a picture is taken with a quality camera, even if you pinch in or out , still the picture won’t be blurry or it will be crystal clear.

  4. Android Craze

    06/14/2013 at 10:36 am

    5.99-inch 1080p with 13MP & S-Pen. That is some quality device. Full breakdown of specs here:

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