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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Rumors Emerge



This week we received what could be our first official photos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which is expected to be announced soon by Samsung. However, multiple rumors have suggested more than one version of the Note 4 may debut next month, including one with a 3-sided curved AMOLED display.

Last year Samsung released the first smartphone with a curved and flexible screen, the Samsung Galaxy Round. Offering a smartphone with a curved display for improved viewing angles, and the first device with their YOUM AMOLED display technology. Something that aims to offer flexible, bendable and extremely durable displays for smartphones and tablets.

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We know the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is coming, likely next month with a release in late September or early October, but new new trademark filing suggests Samsung has two variants in the works. This week Samsung trademarked the name “Samsung Galaxy Note Edge” according to SamMobile.

This could be the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

This could be the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Last week Samsung sent out invitations for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch and unveil date. The Galaxy Note 4 will officially be revealed to the world on September 3rd in Berlin, Germany, with a co-event taking place in New York City. We’ve been following rumors for months which suggest more than one variant is coming, and this could be exactly that.

Just like last year, in 2014 rumors have suggested time and time again that Samsung will be revealing more than one device or smartphone on September 3rd. Many have suggested the Note 4 would actually have a curved display, but the new photos that emerged this morning suggest otherwise.

As we now know, the Galaxy Note 4 will have a 5.7-inch Quad-HD display, and top-tier specs making it a premium flagship device like prior versions. However, it won’t have a curved display.


That being said, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is rumored to have the same 5.7-inch screen, only the display will curve around three sides of the device. Allowing for more viewing angles, space, and potentially notifications and other unique features to be included. The details are extremely scarce thus far, but we’ll know more soon enough.

The trademark filings itself for a “Galaxy Note Edge” doesn’t reveal any new details, nor does it actually confirm an additional device is coming with a curved display. But add it to the many rumors we’ve been hearing for well over a year, not to mention the advances in Samsung’s curved display technology, and 2014 could finally be the year they release a mainstream product with a bent display. The Galaxy Round was only limited to Korea, and wasn’t a widely released smartphone.

If these latest rumors and trademark filings are accurate, Samsung could have two versions of the Note 4 to announce come September 3rd. The regular Galaxy Note 4 will likely be available around the globe like the Note 3, with the new Galaxy Note Edge being released later this fall for select markets.

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The annual IFA Electronics tradeshow takes place the first week of September, where we’re expecting to see an array of devices from multiple manufacturers, including a new Samsung Galaxy Alpha aimed at the iPhone 6. At this point there are a lot of moving parts, tons of rumors, and lots of questions that remain unanswered.

Samsung’s Unpacked event where all these questions will be answered and confirmed takes place on September 3rd, so we’re less than a month away from knowing exactly what the smartphone giant has planned. As the date grows near more and more details will likely continue to surface, and we’ll update once we know more. All of this will take place in the same few weeks span of the new iPhone 6, so consumers will have a lot of choices and options this fall.

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1 Comment

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