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Samsung Galaxy Note II Gains New S Pen Features



Like every other Galaxy Note device, the Samsung Galaxy Note II includes a stylus called the S Pen, and the new phablet’s pen has a few new features.

The S Pen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sounds very similar to the one included in the Galaxy Note 10.1. The Note 2’s S Pen is 8mm thick, which is a bit thicker than the S Pen in the first Galaxy Note. The new S Pen also has a rubber tip, and has 1024 levels of sensitivity, just like the Galaxy Note 10.1. We hope the S Pen works better in the Note 2 than it does in the Note 10.1, though.


Samsung has finally announced the Galaxy Note 2.

The new S Pen also comes with a several new features. Perhaps the most interesting of these new features is the new Quick Commands feature. Quick Commands lets users quickly access a collection of commands by simply holding down the button of the S Pen and swiping up. Quick Commands brings up what looks like a note box that lets users write a command. Users can use the box to perform actions like open a new email to a contact from anywhere.

AirView is a new way to view information hidden in a menu without actually opening the content by hovering. For example, by hovering the S Pen over a date in S Planner users can see all of their events for that day. The mode can also show a preview of content in a video by hovering over the timeline of the video.

Pop Up Note is arguably the most useful new feature of the S Pen. With Pop Up Note users can open a small S Note window by just taking the S Pen out. Samsung only demoed the feature while the use was on a phone call, where it’s useful for taking down quick notes from the call. We hope the feature is available at other times, but we’ll have to wait until we can use the phone to know.

EasyClip lets users easily cut out small parts of any screen. The users just have to trace the area they want to cut out and choose what app they want to bring it into.

Stay tuned for more Galaxy Note news and our Galaxy Note 2 hands on.

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