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Samsung Galaxy S II Big Home Update Brings Larger Icons



Samsung is prepping a software update for the company’s second generation flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S II, which will deliver some new features to help with accessibility. The first feature of the update will be about accessibility and will help those who may have vision problems be able to see the home screen better. The update dubbed Big Home will increase the size of the home screen icons by 30%, making each icon on the home screen larger. Instead of fitting four icons horizontally in the dock bar at the bottom of the home screen, Big Home’s increase in icon size will make three icons fit that space. On top, a 3 X 3 grid of icons can accommodate up to 9 additional shortcuts or widgets.

The next feature of the update called FOTA, or firmware over the air, will notify users when new updates are available and will allow users to download maintenance updates directly on the Galaxy S II rather than going through Samsung’s desktop Kies software for updates.

Via: Sammy Hub

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    10/10/2011 at 1:45 pm

    I think this has been a huge issue for a while now and glad to see Samsung trying to make an effort to address this.  Not everyone has good vision.  I don’t care if the PPI is absolutely amazing if the controls themselves are too small to see.  I’ve pretty much pointed anybody with vision issues to WP7 because of this.  

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