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Samsung Galaxy S III ads Show off AllShare and Share Shot Features



Now that customers on all four major carriers can buy the Galaxy S III, Samsung is stepping up its advertising by showing off some of the features the phone has over the iPhone.

A new trio of ads focus on Samsung’s AllShare Group Cast, AllShare Play, and Share Shot features. Each ad shows a group doing something the “old” way with multiple people passing around one device, extra dongles needed to share documents, and multiple phones and cameras used to take a single picture of a group.

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Each ad smartly highlights the feature without the smugness of the “Samsung’d” ads. It looks like Samsung is trying to offer its own take on Apple’s use of emotion and ease-of-use.

The AllShare Group Cast feature lets users easily share photos or videos with a group of other Galaxy S III users easily. The feature uses WiFi to share the content. It’s much faster than sending the files over email of MMS.

AllShare Play is the name for all the AllShare features, including Group Cast. This ad shows the content pushed to a (presumably Samsung) HDTV for an easy presentation. Again, it’s simpler than the other method in the ad, and requires less equipment.

Share Shot is probably the feature average users will most often. With it users can instantly share new photos with friends over WiFi Direct. Users need to set up the connection first, but afterwards users can share the photos instantly. Users can also choose to just share particular photos if they don’t want to automatically share all of their photos during the session.

The only downside with all of these features is they only work if everyone else has a Galaxy S III. Samsung will later bring these features to other smartphones (like the Galaxy Note 2, perhaps), but for now everyone needs the same device. If users can somehow convince all their friends to upgrade to the same phone at the same time, they can take advantage of some pretty cool features.

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