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Samsung Galaxy S III Hands On Videos: Hardware, Software, Camera



The Samsung Galaxy S III is official, and while you wait for the U.S. release date, I recommend watching the following Galaxy S III hands on videos and mini reviews to get a closer look at the Galaxy S III.

These hands on videos cover the design and looks of the Galaxy S III, a closer look at the Galaxy S III camera, Galaxy S III features and much more.

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Samsung GALAXY S III profile

This is as close as you’ll get to touching the Galaxy S III until June, so don’t skip a video.

Galaxy S III Hands On Videos

The Samsung Galaxy S III hands on videos below include closer looks at the hardware and specs of the new Galaxy S III smartphone.

Watch as Samsung delivers the official Galaxy S III hands on and walk-through. This hands on video covers the user interface as well as the hardware and offers the best video quality of the bunch, but no opinion, as it is a commercial for the Galaxy S III.

The video also demonstrates the speed and the new pop up play feature to keep watching a video while using other apps as well as direct call, S-Beam, and the camera’s best shot feature. If you only watch one Galaxy S III hands on video, this is the one.

Chris Davies of SlashGear goes hands on with the Galaxy S III in this video, highlighting the main specs and zeroing in on the design and hardware, including ports.

Davies also dives into the camera features and some of the new S features that Samsung built into the Galaxy S III.

Android Central’s Galaxy S III hands on includes a closer look at the notification bar widgets and the Android buttons that most hands on gloss over. This video also shows that the Galaxy is running Android 4.0.4.

The Verge delivers a three minute look at the Galaxy S III, focusing in on the specs and offering a size comparison with the HTC One X and audio comparison of features.

Engadget got an early hands on with the Galaxy S III, covering the features and design. Thanks to the early access, this video lacks the background noise that drains out some other videos and better lighting. The video also includes a brief take on performance of the device and keys in on the HD front facing camera.

Phonedog goes hands on with the Galaxy S III, with a closer look at some of the customization and options on the Galaxy S III.

Galaxy S III Features Hands On Videos

Dive into the Galaxy S III features such as S-Voice, Direct Call and other Samsung exclusive gestures and Galaxy S III selling points.

Galaxy S III S-Voice Hands On Video

The Galaxy S III ships with S-Voice, Samsung’s answer to Siri. Watch as S-Voice is put to the test with a check of the weather and the “Woodchuck test”.

Galaxy S III Direct Call Demo Video

Phonedog shows off the Direct call feature of the Galaxy S III, which will automatically call the person you are texting if you place the S III to your face. A Samsung rep then dives into the camera and S-Beam features.

Galaxy S III TouchWiz Hands On Video

Engadget delivers a deep dive into the Galaxy S III Touchwiz version of Android 4.0, showing off some of the settings and the unlock gestures which can launch apps based on the actions you take from the lock screen.

Galaxy S III Camera Hands On Video

Android Central gives a fast look at the Galaxy S III camera and the camera app, covering the fast shutter and the ability to use the Galaxy S III camera’s burst mode that takes 20 photos very fast.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs. HTC One X Hands On

Slashgear compares the specs and design of the Samsung Galaxy S III in this quick hand son with size comparisons and a look at HTC Sense 4.0 vs. Samsung Touchwiz.

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