New Samsung Galaxy S4 Photo Samples Tip Camera Features
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New Samsung Galaxy S4 Photo Samples Tip Camera Features



A third set of possible Samsung Galaxy S4 sample photos appeared on Google+ this week, offering a glimpse at higher resolution photos that may have come from the Galaxy S4.

The latest Galaxy S4 sample photos don’t offer up the most photogenic subjects, but they do offer more detail and a better glimpse at what the Galaxy S4 camera may be capable of than earlier samples. The photos were removed from Google+ shortly after they were discovered.

In addition to showing what photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy S4 might look like, the samples point to Galaxy S4 camera features and details.

According to Androsym, by way of SamMobile, if these Galaxy S4 sample photos are legit, we can expect the 13MP camera that is previously rumored. The data attached to the photos also leads the publication to believe that the Galaxy S4 will use a Sony 13MP sensor, like the one found in the Sony Xperia Z.

Possible Samsung Galaxy S4 sample photo.

Possible Samsung Galaxy S4 sample photo.

The two photos are in 16:9 aspect ratio with a 4128 x 2322 resolution, or about 9.6MP. The photos may have been takin in Auto mode, which many Android smartphones do, and would account for the lower resolution. In the sample above, users can zoom in to see dirt and dust on the keys of a keyboard, an impressive level of detail, even if the image appears somewhat soft.

The photo data includes the Samsung Galaxy S4 model number GT-I9500. Though many of the benchmarks we’ve reported on use varying model numbers, it is possible that the various test Galaxy S4 devices are slightly different and are marked as such.

Another Galaxy S4 sample photo and photo data.

Another Galaxy S4 sample photo and photo data.

If the Samsung Galaxy S4 does use the same camera sensor as the Sony Xperia Z, the device will likely offer HDR video recording, and a 10 frame-per-second burst photo taking speed. The Galaxy S4 may also be able to take better low light photos than the competition.

As we saw with the HTC One launch, manufacturers are paying more attention to low light performance. As consumers rely on their smartphones as their primary cameras, low light performance remains one of the biggest complaints. The video below shows HDR video mode on the Xperia Z.

For a better idea what this sensor can do, check out this beautiful gallery of Sony Xperia Z sample photos. While there are other factors, these real world photos offer something better to look at than a cubicle.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. IlidiaZ

    02/22/2013 at 4:26 pm

    Does look all that impressive so far, although I read a report over at that Samsung will include a new features – The Samsung Orb, into the S4 and from what I have read it really seems like a nice little thing to have along with a powerful 13 MP camera. Do you guys have any input about this?

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