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Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Review: Incipio DualPro SHINE



Users looking for a Samsung Galaxy S4 case with a shiny look and two layers of protection should look at the Incipio DualPro Shine.

While this Galaxy S4 case doesn’t feature a real metal back, the design may be attractive to users who want something different from the white or black plastic of the Galaxy S4.

We’re already seeing a variety of Galaxy S4 cases on the market, and the DualPro Shine is a good option for users who don’t want to add much bulk, but want multiple layers of protection.

Incipio DualPro Shine Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Review - 9

The Incipio DualPro Shine is a two-part case that uses a silicon sleeve and a hard plastic exterior to protect the Galaxy S4 from drops and dings. The plastic back of the case features an aluminum look, but is sadly not real aluminum. The plastic outer section wraps over the silicon layer and leaves the silicon open in several areas, offering a black and silver look. The case offers a small lip that keeps the screen off a table then placed face down and should help with drop protection.

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While this is far from an OtterBox, the DualPro Shine does offer more cushion than a typical snap on case. The case measures 5.51-inches long by 2.96 inches wide and is .47-inches thick with the Galaxy S4 in the case. There is a noticeable increase in size, but not one that hinders use or pocket-ability.

Incipio DualPro Shine Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Review - 7

The hard aluminum finished exterior snaps over the silicon inner with cutouts for an Incipio logo on the lower portion of the case and openings for the camera and speaker. The silicon covers the power and volume buttons, making it easier to push them without looking where your fingers are.

There is a wide opening for the headphone jack and Micro USB port as well as openings for the IR port and multiple microphones.

Incipio includes a small fold down stand meant to hold the Galaxy S4 up for watching videos and making video calls, but the Galaxy S4 is too big to use it when in the case. Incipio include sa screen protector in the bundle as well.

Incipio DualPro Shine Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Review - 4

The case snaps off easily, offering quick access to the removable battery and Micro SD card slot. Putting it on is a bit more challenging, with multiple attempts needed to get the logo cutout and the silicon to sit correctly, but once it is in place it stays in place.

The plastic back doesn’t show fingerprints like other glossy Galaxy S4 cases, but the exposed silicon sections pick up lint from pockets fairly easily.

Incipio DualPro Shine Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Review - 1

Overall the Incipio DualPro Shine Samsung Galaxy S4 case is a nice case for looks and protection. Users who want something slimmer, but like this look may be interested in the Incipio Feather Shine Galaxy S4 case which offers a similar faux-aluminum finish in a snap on design without the silicone section.

Incipio offers the DualPro Shine Galaxy S4 case in four color combinations for $34.99 from Incipio.



  1. Jarrod Bush

    05/09/2013 at 12:19 pm

    I have this case. I really like it a lot.

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    05/11/2013 at 12:50 am

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  3. Marcus J. Walker

    07/21/2013 at 8:23 am

    Great versatile lightweight case, good buy

  4. Anderson

    09/19/2013 at 9:14 pm

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