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Samsung Galaxy S4 Dock: Rokform RokDock Review



The RokDock Galaxy Stand is a machined aluminum Samsung Galaxy S4 dock that charges and syncs the Galaxy S4 while offering access to the home button, the 5-inch display and positioning the smartphone at the perfect angle for video calls.

RokForm uses three pounds of aircraft grade aluminum as the start of this solid and sharp-looking dock that fits the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S3. Unlike many smartphone docks, the RokDock is adjustable in several areas to allow for a Samsung Galaxy S4 with a case on.

The RokForm RokDock retails for $99, so it’s not a cheap Galaxy S4 accessory, but the build quality and adjustable options make it worth the price. The Samsung Galaxy S4 dock comes in six colors, including natural, gunmetal, red and black, gunmetal and orange and others.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Dock Review Video

The RokForm RokDock comes in a small box with a two-ended torx driver that is required to open the dock up and run the included Micro USB Cable through. The dock separates into three pieces, allowing users to position the cable and adjust for the cases and fit.

Once separated, run the Micro USB cable into place and tighten a small screw to keep it in place. It may take two or three tires to get just the right setting here. After that is done, screw in the three longer screws to keep the base together. There is a small opening for the cord. Once tightened, the dock feels quite solid and thanks to the weight and non-slip pads it’s not going anywhere.

A premium Samsung Galaxy S4 dock.

A premium Samsung Galaxy S4 dock.

The RokDock looks very nice with contrasting red and black anodized aluminum on our sample model. It sat on the edge of my desk for the past several days and despite a small slope and a lot of desk movement as I type, it didn’t move. Typically smartphones will slide of my desk after a few hours of typing.

There is a small opening on the front of the Galaxy S4 dock that offers access to the physical home button, but the dock blocks the menu and back buttons. This limits what you can do while the phone is in the dock, but it’s easy enough to remove it for anything more than a video chat or checking notifications.

The small opening offers access to the home button , but no other buttons.

The small opening offers access to the home button , but no other buttons.

Removing the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 from the dock requires a small amount of force on the dock or it will lift off the table or desk. This may diminish over time as the cable and the connector wear slightly.

It’s great to know that the RokDock is made in the USA, but from a design standpoint I wish the front of the dock was as clean looking as the sides and back.

With the weight of the dock and the non-slip pads, this Galaxy S4 dock isn't going anywhere.

With the weight of the dock and the non-slip pads, this Galaxy S4 dock isn’t going anywhere.

The dock works with a dozen of the Best Samsung Galaxy S4 cases we have in for review thanks to an adjustable back piece. This small rubber part lets the dock accommodate most bigger cases without the need to take the dock apart, though some will require users open up the bottom and shift the Micro USB cable up.

$99 is expensive for a Samsung Galaxy S4 dock, but the RokForm RockDok is exceptionally well designed, capable of working with many cases and worth the price.



  1. birjushukla

    05/02/2013 at 8:17 am

    Just checked this dock system which is compatible with all galaxy phones including s4

  2. Steve Burman

    05/06/2013 at 4:07 am

    Seen Some Amazing Designer Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

  3. Brett

    07/01/2013 at 11:20 am

    You’re joking, right? $100 for a carved three-pound aluminum block with no extra battery compartment or media interface ports?? Am I missing something? Does it come with a complimentary 1-year membership to the “More Money than Sense” club?

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