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Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Event Invites Tease the Next Galaxy



Samsung sent out invites for the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event this morning, just after Samsung announced that they would bring the next Galaxy smartphone launch to the U.S.

The event invite doesn’t name the Galaxy S4, but it does invite the press to “Come and Meet the Next Galaxy” on March 14th in New York City at the Radio City Music Hall.

This is the rumored date of the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, and based on earlier statements by Samsung mobile head JK Shin, there is little doubt that we will see the Samsung Galaxy S4 on stage at the Unpacked event.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Invite

The Samsung Galaxy S4 invite and live stream announcement. via Business Insider

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the flagship followup to the popular Samsung Galaxy S3, and analysts estimate that Samsung is planning to sell more than 100 million Galaxy S4 devices.

Rumors suggest the Galaxy S4 will feature a 4.99-inch 1080P Full HD display, a quad-core processor and an improved camera. At least one rumor claims the Galaxy S4 will feature a touch free display that allows users to control the phone without actually touching the display. This could be a way of delivering popular S Pen features without the S Pen.

The design of the Galaxy S4 remains a closely guarded secret, and case leaks show a Galaxy S3 inspired design and a more squared off design akin to the Galaxy Note.

In addition to the hardware features, there are rumors that the Galaxy S4 will feature a new panoramic photo feature that could be better than the stock Android 4.2 Photo Sphere. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will likely run Android 4.2 with a Samsung skin and will very likely feature popular Galaxy Note 2 features like Multi-Window View.

Excited consumers can watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event on YouTube to see the Galaxy S4 at the same time as the press.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 event invite also teases that this is “Episode 1” so expect another event later this year for the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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