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Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Release Plans Rumored



The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is Samsung’s worst kept secret, and a new rumor claims the company will make the Samsung Galaxy S4 official this week to get it all out in the public and is planning a Galaxy S4 mini release by the end of May or early June.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is reportedly a smaller, cheaper, less powerful Samsung Galaxy S4, much like the Samsung Galaxy S3 gained the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, the Galaxy S4 isn’t coming to market alone.

A Samsung executive already confirmed the Galaxy S4 mini in an interview with Bloomberg last week and confirmed that the smaller phone will launch soon after the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Samsung Galaxy S4 release starts in April internationally and the first U.S. Galaxy S4 release date is set for May 1st.

Possible Samsung Galaxy S4 mini photo.

Possible Samsung Galaxy S4 mini photo.

The latest rumor from SamMobile claims Samsung will announce the iPad mini this week and that a target Samsung Galaxy S4 mini release is set for late May or early June. SamMobile’s insider claims the leaked photos and specs are forcing Samsung’s hands.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini will not likely receive a major launch event like the Galaxy S4 did in March, as the device is a version of the upcoming Galaxy S4.

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Like the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S4 mini will reportedly arrive in black and white versions. The company is reportedly preparing a single SIM and dual SIM option. Leaked Samsung Galaxy S4 specs point to a 4.3-inch display with a 960 x 540 resolution, much lower than the 1080P HD Galaxy S4 resolution and even lower than the iPhone.

Other purported specs include an 8MP camera, Android 4.2.2 with TouchWiz Nature UX. There is no confirmation of the Samsung Galaxy S4 software features like eye-tracking and motion control, but there is hope that the device features the necessary sensors and the options are baked into Android 4.2.2 with TouchWiz.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini with a single SIM will reportedly use a quad-core processor, possibly the Exynos 5120, while the dual SIM version will likely us a dual-core processor.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini will likely feature a lower price than the Galaxy S4, which is already more expensive than the iPhone 5 on contract. The specs point to a capable and powerful phone, but not a flagship device. It clearly is mean to complement, not compete with the Galaxy S4.

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Samsung may never bring the Galaxy S4 mini to the U.S., or at least not for months after launch. The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini arrived on T-Mobile as the Galaxy Exhibit in February and as the Samsung Galaxy Axiom on U.S. Cellular in December 2012. U.S. carriers will likely use the Samsung Galaxy S3 as a cheaper version of the Galaxy S4, to lure in price conscious consumers.

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