Samsung Galaxy S4 Survives Knives, Keys and Coins (Video)

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the first smartphone to arrive with Gorilla Glass 3, a new chemically strengthened glass that claims to prevent scratches from a variety of materials.

In the video below we get a look at a Samsung Galaxy S4 scratch test that shows the new smartphone going up against a pen, multiple knives, keys and coins. This test can’t simulate the repeated abuses of carrying the Galaxy S4 in a pocket with a hard object day after day for a year, but it does offer a look at how resilient Gorilla Glass 3 is to abuse.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 screen is protected form scratches with a glass that is three times harder than Gorilla Glass 2. This new, harder glass should also help prevent damage when dropped, though it is not impervious.

Szaboics Ignacz got his hands on the Galaxy S4 early, and subjects it to abuse so we can see how it handles. Ignacz is a Samsung Mobiler who got the phone early for testing.

As the video shows, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Gorilla Glass are able to withstand repeated attempts to scratch the glass with a variety of objects.

It’s not surprising to see the Galaxy S4 fare well against this abuse given the previous performance of Gorilla Glass in products like the Samsung Galaxy S3. With the latest version, Corning includes what it calls, “Native Damage Resistance” — which the company claims will help the glass withstand crack inducing damage better.

Thanks to Gorilla Glass 3, the Samsung Galaxy S4 withstands knives, keys and coins.

Thanks to Gorilla Glass 3, the Samsung Galaxy S4 withstands knives, keys and coins.

We’ll soon likely see a Samsung Galaxy S4 drop test which checks the smartphone’s ability to withstand abuse from falls. Most smartphone screens crack during drop tests onto hard surfaces, no matter how strong the glass is. Because the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the first phone to use Gorilla Glass 3, it will be interesting to see how the stronger glass handles abuse like a drop or fall.

Other companies are competing to deliver stronger glass in upcoming smartphones by using Saphire instead of traditional glass. Apple uses this to cover the lens on the iPhone 5, but companies are exploring Saphire as a glass replacement. In one tech demo we’ve seen a piece of concrete smashed repeatedly into a smartphone screen without leaving a mark or cracking the display.

Underneath the Gorilla Glass 3 is a 5-inch 1080P HD smartphone display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor and 2GB of RAM. The Samsung Galaxy S4 arrives in the U.S. this week.