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Samsung Galaxy S4 Teaser Video Offers Pulp Fiction-Style Peek



A new Samsung Galaxy S4 video arrived early this morning teasing the March 14th launch event in New York City with a Pulp-Fiction style peek at the Galaxy S4.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser video plays on the unboxing addiction of gadget fans, providing an unboxing look for the child actor tasked with bringing the Galaxy S4 to the launch event at Radio City Music Hall next week.

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According to the teaser, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be,

One of the most amazing products to hit the market since TVs went color.

This man is in control of the Galaxy S4 before launch.

This man is in control of the Galaxy S4 before launch.

In the ad, we see a secret exchange in New York City, during which a Samsung representative is seen taking a call on a phone that may be tied to the launch, or may be simply a Galaxy Note 2.

Rather than show off the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung teases the phone with a blindingly bright light spilling out of the box when Jeremy gets the first look at the Galaxy S4. The ad looks a bit like when Vincent Vega gets a look inside the briefcase in Pulp Fiction, but hopefully we get to see what is inside the Galaxy S4 Unpacked event box.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser is a bit like Pulp Fiction's briefcase teaser.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser is a bit like Pulp Fiction’s briefcase teaser.

In all, the Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser does little to tell us anything about the Galaxy S4, but we do expect a round of additional teasers based on Jeremy Maxwell, Samsung’s secret messenger.

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Samsung is holding a Galaxy S4 launch event in New York City on March 14th where we expect to see the Galaxy S4 revealed and to learn about which U.S. carriers will offer the Samsung Galaxy S4 when the U.S. release date finally arrives. The Galaxy S4 is rumored to feature a 4.99-inch display with a 1080P Full HD resolution.

The Galaxy S4 may user a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor in the U.S. and a Samsung Exynos Octa 5 processor in Europe. We expect a healthy serving of RAM as well as a removable battery and a Micro SD card slot.

Additional rumors point to the Samsung Galaxy S4 launching with an improved 13MP camera, which use the same sensor as the Sony Xperia Z. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is rumored to feature a plastic design, though there is talk of the an aluminum side trim on the Galaxy S4.

Claimed benchmarks indicate that the Galaxy S4 is running Android 4.2, the latest major version of Android. We expect a Samsung skin on top with TouchWiz style widgets and features.

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