Samsung Galaxy S4 to Decimate HTC One Shipments 5 Times Over

Industry estimates claim the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will beat the HTC One with five times as many shipments in May, forcing HTC to play catchup.

The HTC One beat the Samsung Galaxy S4 to market, but numerous delays brought the two releases close and will continue to hamper the HTC One’s success.

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J.P. Morgan estimates HTC One shipments will hit 2 million in May, signaling an end to any supply chain shortages. While these numbers are respectable, and much higher than those for the Nexus 4 three months after launch, they pale in comparison to rumored Samsung shipments.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 shipments are set to outpace the HTC One by 5 to 1 in May.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 shipments are set to outpace the HTC One by 5 to 1 in May.

Additional rumors from DigiTimes claims Samsung will ship 10 million Galaxy S4 units in the first month it is available and 30 million by the end of June. Money Talk, a Korean news publication also claimed Samsung plans to ship 10 million Galaxy S4 devices in the first month, and Jeffries Analyst Peter Misek backs up Samsung’ bold plans with talk of 100 million Galaxy S4 units overall.

In short, Samsung is set to ship five times as many Galaxy S4 devices in May than HTC. If Samsung estimates start in April, when the Galaxy S4 first goes on sale, we are talking about a 10 to 1 shipping ratio in favor of the Samsung Galaxy S4. No estimates of HTC One shipments for June or for the overall quarter are available, though it is unlikely to see a ramp up to Galaxy S4 levels in such a short time.

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The HTC One is now available on T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint and will soon be available in stores and in a variety of third-party retailers. Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders are live on AT&T, though the AT&T Galaxy S4 release date is still up in the air. Sprint plans to release the Galaxy S4 on April 27th and T-Mobile on May 1st. Verizon just committed to a May Galaxy S4 release.

The HTC One brings a 4.7-inch 1080P HD display, all metal design and HTC Sense 5 to the table, with an emphasis on build quality. Samsung delivers a plastic design with a 5-inch 1080P HD display and focuses on software features combined with motion sensors to stand apart. The Galaxy S4 offers eye-tracking, motion control and a touch free display.