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Samsung Galaxy S4 Tweets More Positive than iPhone 5 Launch



Consumers were more positive about the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch than the iPhone 5 launch according to tweets sent during each launch event.

But that doesn’t mean Samsung can count on Twitter to deliver the 100 million Samsung Galaxy S4 sales the company is allegedly aiming for. The iPhone 5 received five times as many tweets as the Galaxy S4 at launch.

The report comes from Investing Analytics, a company that measures social media reactions to gain a pulse on consumer buying plans an d opinions of companies like Samsung and Apple.

The iPhone 5 received more tweets during it's launch than the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The iPhone 5 received more tweets during it’s launch than the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 received around 440,000 tweets, compared to 2.4 million iPhone 5 tweets during each respective launch period. It’s not clear if the company includes variations such as Galaxy S4 and #GalaxyS4 in these results.

That’s a stark difference between the two devices, but Samsung gains one bragging point out of this data. According to the report 81% of the Galaxy S4 tweets are positive, while only 73% of iPhone 5 tweets are positive. Twitter search and other data algorithms are able to infer positive or negative bias based on the content of a tweet, allowing a fast analysis of a large number of tweets.

Piper Jaffray Analyst Gene Munster, who recently stated that the iPhone 6 is more likely to arrive with a fingerprint reader, is a well-known Apple analyst. Munster weighs in on this data in a recent note to investors.

Munster writes in a recent note to investors, shared partially on Cnet,

We believe a Twitter analysis of tweets about the iPhone 5 launch compared to the Galaxy S4 launch demonstrates that the iPhone continues to hold more mass appeal with consumers

And Munster explains the less positive tweets for the iPhone 5, blaming Apple leaks and details ahead of the launch, in another snippet of the note shared on Forbes.

We believe the iPhone 5 was well telegraphed, thus some consumers may have been let down that there were no surprises.

Twitter does offer a barometer of consumer sentiment, but it is unclear how well this data translates into sales for the devices, especially for Samsung which is still an underdog of sorts when compared to Apple.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 release date in the U.S. starts on May 1st on T-Mobile which gives Samsung an edge in Q2 2013, with at least a month or two to compete with the iPhone 5, which launched last year. There are some rumors Apple is moving the iPhone 5S release date up to June, but more rumors point to a fall iPhone 5S release date which could give Samsung an edge.

If the next iPhone is the iPhone 5S with minimal design and feature changes, Samsung has an opportunity to compete with what some users will perceive as a year old iPhone until 2014 when the iPhone 6 could arrive on the market.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mike Osborne

    04/04/2013 at 10:18 pm

    Well no duh, Samsung doesn’t have a hate crowd like Apple does. Apple’s the biggest and therefore it is now cool to be anti-apple. Why is this even news? The Samsung GS4 is awesome yes and I’m planning to get it and have it on my WishPlz list ( ) but the fact that people hate on the iPhone more than on Samsung doesn’t influence that.

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