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Samsung Galaxy S4 Update Fixes Storage Issues, Improves Camera



The update heading to users of the Samsung Galaxy S4 may finally alleviate the storage problem that’s plagued the flagship since launch, though it does so in a way that those calling for a fix might not have hoped for.

The update, which according to SamMobile is now available in the Samsung Keis client, includes a host of software fixes and updates designed to make lives easier for Galaxy S4 users. Thankfully, that includes addressing the lack of storage on the device’s lowest price 16GB device, though it’s only available to users of the Galaxy S4 with a SnapDragon processor right now, and only in Germany.

Samsung Galaxy S4 data used after one week thanks to a few games and one HD movie.

Galaxy S4 users with a Exynos processor and everyone outside of Germany will have to hold out hope that they’ll get the update in the near future.

Starting with today’s update, users will now be able to install applications onto the SD card that they have in their device. Thereby allowing them to free up more space for music and video on their device’s onboard storage. That’s a far cry from what users had been clamoring for, a way to summarily ditch many of Samsung’s preinstalled apps so that they can reclaim the space they take up, though at least the company is showing progress.

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Samsung has also moved to boost the amount of storage available to users by slightly decreasing the amount of space a default installation of Android on the Galaxy S4 takes up, going from 9.15 GB of to 9.23GB of space available for the user to fill as they see fit.

Once the update is finished users might also find that their device takes slightly better photos as well, Samsung’s updated the firmware for the 13 megapixel camera on the rear of the Galaxy S4. Users will also be able to use HDR processing on video clips for high contrast rations.

Other changes include a new Smart Pause toggle and the ability to also move applications to a microSD card. Usability has also been addressed too, users will find a new semi-transparent notification bar, more legible text and a new settings icon.

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According to a statement released after the BBC television program Watchdog aired a story about the Galaxy S4 in May, Samsung had already been “reviewing the possibility to secure more memory space through further software optimization”.

Keeping past trends in mind, it’s possible that users in the United States could see the update soon, however as predicting updates is an imprecise science, exactly when is anyone’s guess.

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