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You Can Now Charge Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Without Wires



After a lengthy wait, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Kit, which includes the Wireless Charging Pad and Wireless Charging Cover, has become available today for those that are seeking to charge their Galaxy S4 without wires.

In March, Samsung announced the Galaxy S4. At the time, the company also announced a host of official Galaxy S4 accessories that the company said would be arriving along with the new flagship smartphone. One of those accessories was a Wireless Charging Kit that combined a pad and a cover, allowing users to wirelessly charge their Galaxy S4.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Kit is now on sale, as expected.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Kit is now on sale, as expected.

After the company promised, and failed, to deliver wireless charging for the Galaxy S3, there were still those who were skeptical about the prospects of a wireless charging kit for the Galaxy S4, especially since Samsung failed to deliver a specific release date.

Well, today, Samsung finally delivered on a promise it made in 2012, as it has put the Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Kit on sale through its official website. It appears that the accessories are currently unavailable, possibly due to demand, though it appears that several other retailers have it available right now for similar prices.

MobileFun in the United Kingdom should have stock of the Wireless Charging Cover in a few days though the pad remains on pre-order. That said, the accessories are available right now for those that wish to shun cords and adopt wireless charging.

The accessories allow users to install a back cover onto the Galaxy S4 which can be used in conjunction with the pad to charge the Galaxy S4 without wires. The device uses the Qi standard of wireless charging. It’s not going to be an extremely fast processor but the accessories aren’t aimed at speed, rather, convenience.

The pricing is a little steep, costing around $90 for the pair, but for those that have been waiting for this day, it has finally arrived and one of the Galaxy S4’s most intriguing accessories is now on sale.

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